Habits to increase your defenses

In these months of cold and temperature changes, it is important that our immune system is well prepared. Therefore, it is suitable that attention you lend to your defenses and extra contributions help to your body. Continue reading and discover the habits and foods that will help you.

green leafy vegetables

The power is more than essential to have defenses in good shape. Nutrition experts recommend contributes to our body vitamin A, C, E and minerals such as zinc or iron, to encourage our immune response.

Vitamin A: Takes care of the condition of the mucous membranes. You’ll find it in the liver, egg yolks, dairy integers and vegetables containing carotenes (e.g., fruits and orange color vegetables and dark green leafy vegetables).

Vitamin C: Its role is essential, since it is responsible to prevent many viruses cause infections. It is in the tomatoes and peppers, in the citrus and the kiwis.

Vitamin E: It increases the responsiveness of the immune system. Take olive oil every day, whole grains and nuts.

Group B vitamins: Highlights the folic acid or vitamin B9, which makes the body more resistant to infections, and B6, which reinforces the role of lymphocytes. They are in the green leafy vegetables, fruits, potatoes, bananas, cereals and nuts.

Iron: Stimulates your defenses, what makes you more resistant to the disease. Don’t forget to include in your meat diets (at least twice per week), cockles, sardines, legumes, eggs and green leafy vegetables. Recalls combined with vitamin C, which helps the absorption of iron.

Zinc: This mineral is important so that the immune system is capable of responding quickly to any aggression. Be sure to “enrich” your menus with whole grains, legumes, mussels and lean meats.

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