Flaxseed: ally of your diet

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Flaxseed is the vegetable source with greater intake of Omega 3 acids, offering to our body even more popular as oily fish like salmon. We’ve all heard about its properties to help to lose weight; however the reality is that most women do not know exactly how to include it in our diet or how to combine it.


As a seed can be very easy to mix the flaxseed with other cereals, or include it in the elaboration of breads and buns. But the most practical method is grind and takes two tablespoons daily mixed with juice, milk, and other drinks or even in soups and stews. But what are its benefits?

In principle it is a wonderful source of fiber that helps fight bad cholesterol, regulate sugar levels in the blood and fight constipation, making it an excellent choice for those who want to lose some weight and is that flaxseed combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise can get wonderful effects.

It is precisely its ability to regulate cholesterol and its large content of omega 3 makes it a perfect cereal to take care of our heart and prevent various types of cancers such as colon or breast cancer. Also helps digestion and is an excellent ally for patients with diabetes, heart disease and inflammatory diseases such as gastritis, arthritis etc, and helping to reduce inflammation.

Reasons for inclusion in our diets abound, so give it a try to flaxseed and enjoy its many health benefits.

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