Flat stomach

Keys to a Flat stomach – Do it Now!
If you want to get flat stomach you have to put some effort in sports and lead a healthy diet.

flat stomach

How to maintain a flat and smooth stomach?

  • It is important to put effort and follow daily dietary guidelines which will be complemented by specialized cosmetics.
  • Prohibited carbonated beverages. It is the first element harmful to your belly swell.
  • Goodbye to alcohol, especially beer. With two canes and you will feel bloated and upset you.
  • Eat quietly, slowly, without talking too much. This way you will prevent the gases from staying at your belly.
  • Take fiber, either as a cereal or fruit but which will help you to have good digestion.
  • The legumes will increase the gas of your abdomen. Do not abuse it.
  • Coffee and black tea are among the foods referred to maintain a flat stomach. In moderation.
  • Drink water and walk!

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