Fear of miscarriage

Every pregnant woman knows the feeling more or less: the fear of a miscarriage. Especially the women who have previously had a miscarriage, you know exactly where they should be afraid. This makes it difficult to enjoy the pregnancy.

fear of miscarriage

Pregnant after a miscarriage
The woman who once before had a miscarriage and is pregnant again, knows the feeling all too well: the fear during the first months of pregnancy. She leads a secret life on the toilet and checks it several times a day or no blood droplets are visible. They also know the color of blood: brown blood is old blood, pink blood is a novice bleeding and bright red blood is not good.

The breasts are regularly touched: they are still sensitive? Nausea means in any case that she was pregnant, so vomiting is very welcomed. The pregnancy is still a secret kept from the outside world, because you never know what might happen.

Probably you recognize yourself in this, and you know what it is like to live with that fear. But also the women who never have had a miscarriage can sometimes be quite uncertain.

Dealing with this fear
Fear of miscarriage is not surprising: we now know so much about our own bodies, and also about possible dangers during pregnancy. Especially for women who have previously had a miscarriage, this fear of recurrence is quite normal. It is like falling off your bike: you must again get on and get confident that you will not fall again. You will be more careful, because you yourself have experienced the danger.

No self-control
It makes no sense to continue your own body to check for a miscarriage. Several times a day lock yourself in the bathroom to look for blood, only gives a lot of stress. Also doing countless pregnancy tests is totally useless. Even after a miscarriage can a pregnancy test still positive, because the pregnancy hormone HCG is still a few days to weeks in the body remains.

Testing if the breasts are sensitive or that there is still nausea, also says nothing about the status of pregnancy. A pregnancy without miscarriage will take place, does not always have the same strong pregnancy symptoms to show.

When you tell the outside world
Because of the fear of a miscarriage, many women tell after three months of pregnancy, the big news to the outside world. This is a strange phenomenon. Of course there is just the first three months of pregnancy, something goes wrong and a miscarriage is not excluded, but it’s nice to be able to share this with others. Completely secret is not necessary: comfortable telling the news to family and close friends. If it eventually goes wrong, there are people around you to support you.

Another advantage of the time tells of your pregnancy is the fact that the outside world is not concerned with the fear of a miscarriage. They think just more in the future when the baby arrives. It is a good distraction to gather with friends or family to snoop around in a baby store or good stories to tell.

Blood loss, and now?
Bleeding during pregnancy can be very many causes. Only a small number of cases is actually a miscarriage. Other causes include implantation, pressure on the uterine wall, polyp, etc. It has therefore no sense at what blood loss to shoot directly into the stress, although this is understandable. The midwife can sometimes identify the cause of the blood loss.

Try the fear of a miscarriage aside and enjoy the pregnancy.

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