Eye pain: Can it hurt or annoy?

We can see through the eyes, these visual organs able to detect light and convert it into electrochemical impulses that then travel through the neurons. They consist of a complex system that captures optimal light intensity regulated through the iris, focus the lens thanks to the lens in order to form the image, and then converted into a set of electrical signals that ultimately reach the brain through of neural pathways connecting through optimal nerve.

eye pain

Eye care and protection is simply essential to maintain good vision. It is important to use photochromic lenses (glasses) every day we went outside, avoid prolonged exposure to air conditioning or computer screen, not abuse contact lenses and above all go to the ophthalmologist at least once a year in order to fulfill ourselves an eye exam, no matter how old that we are. The reason is clear: we can take a long time unless we actually realize that we have an eye problem.

As regards the different conditions and problems that can affect eye health, may be common to do us a question: is it true that the eyes can hurt or annoy? This issue can do it mostly as a curiosity, or even as “alert” if at the moment it is bothering one eye. The truth is that yes, we should answer in the affirmative. Medically it is known by the name of ophthalmalgia, and it is a type of eye pain that comes and it’s not because of an injury.

This eye pain can be described as a painful sensation, throbbing, stabbing and burning, which is located in or around our eyes. It is also possible that it is described as if we had the sensation of a foreign body in the eye (i.e., as if there is something that is hosted on the eye).

It is true that the eye pain may be a symptom to be aware of a health problem; hence it is important and essential to tell our doctor who suffer from eye pain, especially if it has not disappeared.

However, in most cases the pain in the eyes is due to trivial causes. For example, we can feel a sense of fatigue or discomfort after work or study for long hours at the computer, read a book… It is what is known as eyestrain, and tends to disappear after being rested for a while.

It is also possible that the eye pain appears for a headache or migraine, flu or a cold, eye infections or inflammation, sinus problems (eg in case of sinusitis) or problems with contact lenses.

With all of this, if such pain is very intense, tends to last more than 2 days, decreased vision or pain occurs with swelling, discharge or pressure in the eyes is always to always go to the doctor.