Benefits of aerobic exercise

We know that the practice of exercise is healthy for our welfare. We also know that aerobic exercise, also known as “cardio”, are ideal for achieving a dream figure. But why is this?

aerobic exercise

What is cardiovascular exercise?
It is called aerobic or cardiovascular exercise that requires a constant combustion of oxygen in the body. To do this, the exercises are done for long periods of time, higher than the 20 minutes at a time, with an intensity of 50% to 80% of muscle capacity, and pulsation level below 85%, allowing the burning of fat stored optimally.

Due to the type of activity, cardiovascular exercises burn fat and form muscle in place, although we will not form muscle volume: cardiovascular exercises are to lose weight and tone the body, but not to form volume as a bodybuilder.

Lose weight with aerobics
Cardiovascular exercises help you lose weight and create a beautiful and toned figure are the prolonged duration and steady pace, without increases in intensity or low velocity. Going for a walk or jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing are ideal in this, they maintain your heart rate and breathing higher than normal, but stable and unchanged, allowing optimum body fat burning.

But not only aerobic exercise will help you lose weight: keep a healthy lifestyle and proper diet will also make this. If you follow a lean, fat-free diet, you are depriving the body of its fuel, and if you were forming muscle mass or volume should follow a diet rich in protein and carbohydrates. The best, as always, is eating a complete, in limited portions, with high amounts of raw vegetables and fruits, plus pastries, meats, grains and even flour, in moderation.

What is the best cardiovascular exercise?
There is no “best” cardio, but there are exercises that best suit your needs, availability and even tastes. It’s give a little variety to avoid boredom of the same exercise, and practice (same or different) three times a week, leaving a period of relaxation and rest between each session, so that the body go adapting to their new body mass.

Choose aerobic exercise according to your desires and what you need, choosing between the impact (those that increase your heart rate, such as walking), the high impact (such as jogging, running, jumping) or more general activities (such as skiing, which has an intermediate requirement, especially in the upper and lower body simultaneously). That choice will depend on the amount of calories you want to burn: a greater impact, increased calorie burn and higher weight reduction.

What aerobic exercise is right for me?
Your life must be tested to determine the exercise: how many calories you consume, how much burning daily activities (home, work, etc), your status and physical condition. Remember that it is always best to start small and gradually increase the level. It also examines how fit you are or how much extra weight you have and your desire to do it.
Finally, find more pleasure exercise you do, because if you push yourself into a routine that don’t pleases you, most likely you want to leave after only a few sessions.