Aches and pains associated with orgasm: Symptoms of dysorgasmia

There are people who suffer from a number of ailments and symptoms associated with orgasm. It is very difficult to treat dysorgasmia because in addition the people who suffer it do not know exactly what is happening to them.

It is very important to recognize this condition as it is the first step to stop suffering. Below you will find the main symptoms related to dysorgasmia.

symptoms of dysorgasmia

What exactly is dysorgasmy?

Dysorgasmia consists of a series of pains that accompany the orgasm. People who suffer from it after the climax do not feel pleasure but a very strong abdominal pain that can sometimes extend to the lower extremities and the mouth of the stomach.

People suffering from this orgasm or strange reaction describe the pain as something very intense that can even be paralyzing in some cases. Usually this annoying feeling lasts a few hours or a few days but it is totally opposed continued to have sexual relations.

Generally this type of pain usually occurs in people who are between 35 and 55 years age and especially in the case of the women are associated with the menopause.

The cause of these pains is the lack of estrogen that causes, instead of reaching the climax the body feels only the spasms.

That is to say, during a normal orgasm the body has a series of muscular spasms that go unnoticed by the enormous pleasure that is felt at the moment in which it appear. But in the case of the dysorgasmic people, pleasure does not appear and one feels a pain related to these spasms.

Orgasmic headaches

Another condition related to orgasms are the so-called orgasmic headaches. These headaches are actually migraines that appear after the sexual act.

It is very common indeed, in people suffering from nervous migraine to be able to have a crisis after a sexual intercourse.

In order to avoid its appearance it is good not to consume foods that enhance the appearance of migraine so that sex can not be a trigger.

Sexual intercourse should also be avoided after drinking alcohol, as people who suffer from migraine may develop the orgasmic headache once they reach climax.

Go to a specialist

If you have dysorgasmia, the most important thing is to first recognize that you have the problem and then go to a specialist. In most cases it can be solved with an appropriate medication.

So, you know if you have pain after orgasm do not hesitate and go to the doctor but never give up sex.