• Zika virus: What it is, symptoms, causes and treatment
  • Enlarged spleen: symptoms, causes and treatment
  • Pancreatitis: Symptoms, causes and treatment
  • Fatty liver: symptoms, treatment and natural tips
  • Swollen lymph: Why enlarge

plastic surgeon

Tips for choosing the plastic surgeon

Plastic surgery is a surgical procedure like any other and need special care is therefore necessary to choose with care not only the private hospital where procedure will be performed, but also the plastic surgeon who will do the procedure. Some tips can help you in these difficult times; increasing the chances of success of surgery and leave the patient more relaxed compared to the result of the operation: Ask…


What is Preeclampsia, symptoms, causes and how to detect it

If you have heard of the preeclampsia, perhaps you will know that it is a disorder that occurs during pregnancy. It generates a set of symptoms that can affect both mother and baby. Depending on the severity of each case, there are various treatments to address this problem. However, less is known about the causes of this disease. If you are pregnant it is therefore good that you internalize on…

low self esteem

Why Do You Have A Low Sex Drive?

If you believed everything you read in the media, you would think it impossible that any man could have a low sex drive. Men are sexual beings, aren’t they? Yes, men, like women, are sexual beings. And, like women, men also suffer from a low libido. You could well be one of the many thousands of men that are dealing with this condition, and you want it to stop. To…

symptoms of prostate cancer

Remedies for prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a malignant tumor that develops in the prostate; gland the size of a walnut, located below the bladder and produces the fluid portion of semen. Initially, the tumor remains within the outer capsule of the prostate, but with increasing size, is spread through the capsule and into the tissues surrounding the prostate. Cancer cells also can be inferred from the primary tumor. The lymphatic ganglion, near to…

tips for taking medicine

Six good tips for taking medicines properly

When speaking of “complete treatment” doctors often think that patients have no more doubts. However many times this is not so and patients must deal with questions and problems of all kinds: from the lack of money for access to the complete series of drugs up to think, in good faith, they already feel better and not further treatment is necessary or, simply, is complex comply with a medicines that…

take care a patient

Tips for take care a patient at home

We can not always count on help from a professional to care for a patient in our home. Learn the basics to do so it will make us feel safer and yet we can contribute efficiently to that person. To do best, today we provide tips on caring for a patient at home. Care of patients at home When caring for someone at home must be taken into account: Age…

symptoms of egg allergy

Signs and symptoms of egg allergy

We know that allergies affect millions of people worldwide, and there are all kinds. Some of the most common allergies are to food when consumed or simply manipulated generates an adverse reaction to the body. Therefore we must be attentive to the presence of certain symptoms and signs as we could be allergic to a particular food, and unknowingly continue consuming what affects us. Today we discuss in detail one…

zika virus

Zika virus: What it is, symptoms, causes and treatment

In recent weeks the news about a virus known popularly with the name of Zika virus has begun to appear in the majority of media around the world, causing alarm and alert in the town to become an emerging virus at the high number of cases for some time they have been recorded in different countries, even to cause the emergency committee of the wHO (World Health Organization) should meet…

enlarged spleen

Enlarged spleen: symptoms, causes and treatment

Unlike other organs of our body that we tend to be more present, such as in the case of liver or kidney, the spleen is likely to become one of the most “forgotten”. In fact, we do not usually remember it’s there until there is any condition or health disorder that affects it. But although in general it usually does not cause problems, if we take into account what diseases…

prevent stomach flu

How to prevent stomach flu

Stomach flu prevention is simple if you know how. A good way to prevent the spread of this virus is to follow a set of guidelines and basic advice. Among the viruses that often cause the appearance of the characteristic symptoms of stomach flu, we can mention essentially four: rotavirus, norovirus, astrovirus, and enteric adenovirus. However, we keep in mind that the rotavirus tends to affect mainly children (being cause…