• Healthy habits that will help to prevent pneumonia
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  • Enlarged spleen: symptoms, causes and treatment
  • Pancreatitis: Symptoms, causes and treatment
  • Fatty liver: symptoms, treatment and natural tips
feeling beautiful this summer

How To Stay Feeling Beautiful This Summer

Summer is the time that most of us look forward to all year. However, it can be hard to look and feel good when the temperatures are soaring and you’re sweating every day. Here’s how to make sure you stay feeling beautiful all summer long. Get Beach Ready If you know you’re going to be heading on holiday this summer, make sure you take the time to get beach ready….

nose job

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is another name for a nose job, and it can be used to change the size and shape of the nose, whether that’s smaller or larger. The procedure can also be done to simply alter the tip or bridge of the nose, help to correct any form of bumps and defects. There are a huge number of reasons why people might turn to rhinoplasty in order to improve their…

Feng Fu point

Feng Fu point, ice stimulation to improve health

The feng fu point is for traditional Chinese medicine one of the most important points of the psycho-physical balance of our body, its correct stimulation can be beneficial in the treatment of chronic pain. Chinese medicine through stimulation of the fu feng point and other pressure points, manages to improve the status of the different components of the body: muscles, organs, bones and also act on our emotional state. The…

love your body

How to learn to love your body: Tips that work

Loving your body is very important and the first step that you must take to get an iron health. If you want to know how to do it, do not miss the article. In many cases we punish the body without thinking about the consequences that this may have for our body, without appreciating the great importance of maintaining the physical and emotional state. As well, the difference that love…

anxiety crisis

Changes in the body due to anxiety: 10 physical signs

Unrest, fear, despair and daily stress are factors that can lead to an anxiety crisis. Generally, when one of these crises occurs, it is not an isolated episode and often repeated over time in such a way that it becomes a chronic illness. The effects of anxiety are not only psychological, this nervous condition has a series of symptoms or physical signs that we present below….. Emotional state capable of…


Immunotherapy: Advances in the fight against cancer

Immunotherapy consists of the treatment of diseases through the support of the immune system. It is a considerable help for our own body to be able to defeat the enemy in this case, many different types of cancers that have little or little chance of being overcome by the body naturally. Below we tell you more about this hopeful news about immunotherapy and its power to treat cancer. What exactly…

forest bath

Shinrin Yoku: Benefits of Forest Baths

The Shinrin Yoku or Forest Baths is a technique originally from Japan with therapeutic benefits as helping to combat anxiety, stress and lowering blood pressure. The Shinrin Yoku not only proposes to soak in nature with the five senses, but to solve what is already known as a deficit of nature or landscape. Green, as we will discover, is a safe bet for health and well-being. The best medicine for…

vitamin B at breakfast

How to get vitamin B at breakfast

Getting a rich, varied and balanced breakfast that provides us with the necessary nutrients is often not easy because of the pace of life we ​​have, so in many cases, it is important to have quality nutritional supplements that help us get necessary vitamin B at breakfast. Here we give you the keys to get it. The importance of vitamin B in breakfast Our body needs daily minerals, vitamins and…


Healthy Living: Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick

Some people lead a healthy life that helps them to get sick little or almost not at all. This is because they lead a healthy lifestyle that makes them much stronger in the face of illness. There are a number of tips or lifestyle habits that can help make this happen. Next we discover the best habits to avoid getting sick and being much stronger. Tips for maintaining a healthy…

foods influence hypertension

Hypertension: 6 Foods to Avoid

Some foods influence hypertension and, therefore, health. Monitoring what we eat is a key premise for controlling blood pressure levels. We discover what foods we should avoid on a priority basis. If you have high blood pressure you are putting your heart and cerebrovascular health at risk. What to do? First, check the diet and avoid salty foods as a priority, since salt is the main enemy. Why salt bad…