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remove excess fat

4 Steps to eliminate fat from your body

Are you ready to finally remove excess fat in your body, quickly and permanently? Well, take a few minutes of your time and read this article, you will find a few...

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stomach pain

What to eat to have stomach pain?

Do not worry, have stomach pain is not uncommon, and less if you play sports, even if you keep a good diet, can have moments that our stomach decides to have a few...

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Stress, an evil of our time

In the seventeenth century, the word stress mean “state of distress”, symbolizing the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčoppression, hard life, deprivation, fatigue, and...

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reduce belly

Diet to reduce belly

Thanks to a diet to reduce belly is possible to get a flat stomach, the dream of many people. The first thing to know is the cause of the abdomen prominent: food...

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excess salt

The dangers of excess salt

The salt mineral is a great need for proper functioning of the body. However, excess salt in foods may lead dangers and it is important to be aware of it. So you...

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psoriasis afftects scalp

When psoriasis affects the scalp

In case of psoriasis, it is common that the scalp is affected. However, this location causes the hair to lose its aesthetics and causing a series of itching. In...

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dietary sugar

Effects of dietary sugar

You have certain elements of control in a diet is something possibly important, because as we all assume the excesses are bad fellow athletes, and in general, of...

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Ideal food for diet

In this article we will talk about foods that have great mineral wealth and lots of health benefits and are ideal for the diet. Of course, as we cannot talk about...

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chronic pain

Ultrasound used to relieve chronic pain

There are two distinct forms of the acute pain caused by trauma such as physical and chronic disorders that can cause a person for years, and is currently used ultrasound...

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type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes, metabolic surgery may cure

Obesity leads to many health problems to the sufferer. A disease that can silently generate the appearance of other diseases such as type II diabetes. However,...

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