When psoriasis affects the scalp

psoriasis afftects scalp

In case of psoriasis, it is common that the scalp is affected. However, this location causes the hair to lose its aesthetics and causing a series of itching. In parallel, the treatment of psoriasis is difficult and more specific. It is based on the calcipotriol, an analogue of vitamin D3.

psoriasis afftects scalp

Variable locations of psoriasis
Psoriasis is a disease that can be cataloged benign, but whose impacts on daily life are very important. The disease manifests itself in a number of red patches, covered with pearly white scales, more or less thick. The number, size and location of the plates are very variable and evolve with time even in a same person.

The most common is to be presented at the elbows, the folds, and knees. The scalp is often one of the areas most affected by psoriasis.

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