Why You Should Seek Help Before Hitting Rock Bottom

If you suffer from a drug or alcohol problem, then you know you need help. However, you may feel that you’re functioning well enough–that you haven’t hit rock bottom yet. Just because you haven’t hit rock bottom, however, doesn’t mean that you’re doing okay.

It doesn’t even necessarily mean that you are functioning–only coping. In order to truly help yourself, or someone you know, out of their habit, consider some of these reasons why you should be getting help before rock bottom hits.


1. Health

Perhaps the biggest reason is simply the toll that the drug or alcohol is having on your body. Because of your addiction, you may not realize how bad your health truly is. However, the devastating consequences of untreated addiction should not be ignored. Depending on how long you have been addicted, and to what drug, the condition could be quite severe. They range from short-term consequences to long-term consequences.

The short-term consequences may be more noticeable at the time. You might notice that your appetite is changing, that either you’re more awake or less awake, your heart rate and blood pressure could be elevated. These could lead to potentially lethal situations like a heart attack or stroke. You may even undergo an overdose and die.

The longer-term effects can be even scarier. You could develop lung disease, cancer, HIV/AIDs, mental illness, hepatitis, and many other life-altering conditions. The drugs will not help you when you develop these conditions. The longer you wait to locate a facility for help beating drugs and alcohol, the higher your risk will be of developing these diseases.

2. Difficult Recovery

Because you have been addicted for so long, and are only prolonging it, then your addiction is worsening. Many incorrectly believe that addiction is a choice, but it is, in fact, a disease. This disease centers around the drug depleting necessary molecules and hormones in your brain that make you feel happy.

The drug performs the action instead, so when you attempt to go off of the drugs, those hormones aren’t there to make you feel good. Since humans are wired to seek pleasure-inducing activities and stimuli, your brain craves the drug that made it feel good in the first place. So, the cycle continues.

The longer you remain on a drug or alcohol, then the deeper that addiction settles, and the more of those hormones are depleted. Such is why seeking help sooner rather than after you’ve hit rock bottom is so crucial.

3. Financial Cost

While some rehabs offer free help or financing options that make it affordable for everyone, you’re likely going to see a dip in your finances. Perhaps you’re already unemployed and thus not seeing regular income.

Whatever your situation may be, the longer you have to stay in rehab to kick your addiction, the more that price rises. Depending on the rehab you select to join, you could also be out of work for a while. Again, this means you’re not seeing a regular income and that could hurt you financially the longer you have to stay in rehab.

Get Help Soon

The sooner you break your addiction, the better off you are. This is true in terms of your health, overall mental health, and your finances. Waiting for rock bottom to hit is just an excuse to remain addicted. Get the help you need now and experience a sober lifestyle.