What is the reason for weight gain during pregnancy?

One of the reasons for weight gain during pregnancy is logically related to food and, specifically, with the risk of falling more often tempted to eat more satiating products but less nutritious. And not only food influences the mother, also in the fetus.

weight gain during pregnancy

During pregnancy weight control is desirable, both for the mother or the unborn child. A recent international study (involving countries like Spain, Denmark, Greece, England and Norway) has found that some foods like chips are not advisable in the diet, largely because frying them at very high temperatures, produces a substance called acrylamide that unable to pass through the afterbirth and affect the growth of the fetus and therefore, in his weight at birth.

The fried legs are not the only foods that contain acrylamide, it is also present in cereals, coffee, biscuits, pastries and the bread. Products that have in common carbohydrates which are toasted, fried or baked to high temperatures. It is not a question of exiling of the diet this type of products, but take a balanced diet by choosing foods with less acrylamide and avoiding eating the more toasted. It is estimated that the acrylamide content of French fries or chips over 4,000 mg/kg, a much less which are in cereals (1,600) or coffee (one thousand).

A lower weight than normal in the case of the newly born will make it more vulnerable to certain diseases, such as diabetes.

Pregnancy: Eating for two, not by two
Eat well and practice some physical activity remain two essential premises and valid during pregnancy.

It is not eating more, but eating for two, for the mother and the baby. It is advisable to consult your doctor about the most suitable diet in our case to avoid gaining weight more than it should. A healthy balanced diet should include essential nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. A diet in which, among other foods, can not miss fruits and vegetables.

It is not deprived of any of the whim, but yes, not converting these foods (empty calories) and a daily habit that can cause weight gain. If, however, gaining weight too quickly, you should consult the doctor to rule out that it is a problem of gestational diabetes.

Take too many kilos during pregnancy may be a risk factor for hypertension, pre-eclampsia or difficulties during childbirth. Staying active during pregnancy brings a number of benefits such as ease the discomfort of the gestation period, such as back pain, bloating, fatigue and constipation problems. If before pregnancy, you practiced sport regularly, it should not be forgotten this period, opting for a discipline more comfortable and that does not imply a risk of a fall or sudden movements.