Changing Your Diet to Feel Better

When you’re not feeling well, one of the main things which you start thinking about is your diet. There are many foods which can make you feel unwell, and if you eat a varied diet, it can be difficult to pick out exactly which foods are causing you to feel bad. If you’re thinking about dieting and eating the foods which will make you feel better, there are several things that you can consider. Remember that you don’t have to cut out all of the things that you like, but it’s definitely a good idea to concentrate on the following ideas.

Gluten Free
A lot of people suffer as a result of eating gluten, and you might discover that you have an intolerance for this particular ingredient. The trouble with not being able to eat gluten is that it cuts out so many of the main foods that you’re used to eating – bread, cake, pasta, pies and much more. Even cereals and gravy contain gluten, making it very difficult to come up with a suitable diet plan. However, with gluten-free flour and many gluten-free products being stocked in supermarkets, you don’t have to worry too much about confining yourself to a diet of vegetables for the rest of your life!

paleo diet

Paleo Diet
The Paleo diet is based on the idea that when we were caveman and cavewomen living a basic diet, nobody suffered the health problems that we do today. While there may be some elements of truth in this, a lot of people follow this diet because it’s very natural and it helps them to feel great. You’re allowed to eat meat, vegetables, fruit, eggs and anything that you’d be able to get ‘back in the day’ of the cavemen. You should combine this diet with exercise too, since the cave people would have had to hunt their food for hours in order to get a proper meal. Drink water throughout the day in order to remain dehydrated, and you should feel much better in no time.

A lot of people omit fish from their diets, perhaps eating a little bit of tuna or salmon every now and then. It’s important that you get a decent amount of fish in your diet, since it’s extremely helpful to your bones and many other aspects of your body. You should try to eat 2-3 portions of oily fish each week, whether this is tinned mackerel, sardines or other type. This is filled with Omega 3, an ingredient which can help you to lose weight, feel better and get healthier.