What is olfactory memory?

Smell is one of our most powerful senses, but is linked not only to taste but also emotions, do you know why? We will explain it.

olfactory memory

Just dropped a big downpour, the streets are wet, looks a little sun and begins to dry everything. A special air condenses in the atmosphere and leaving home as quickly notes: smells of the place where you spent the summers in your childhood.

This scenario is the metaphor for something that has happened at all is more common than we think: a perfume that reminds us of someone special, the aroma of a meal that evokes a time when we want to forget. Science calls it olfactory memory and is more powerful than we imagine.

This peculiar phenomenon is due to the strong connection that exists between our brain and smell, and it is the aromas that we breathe every day are directly connected with the place of our brain linked to primary emotions, the limbic system, which it becomes the most evocative sense.

In this way the emotion that we perceive for the first time when we stink like something will be associated by us everytime we return to feel that same fragrance, and not only that but it is considered one of the more senses that allows us to retain and recall memories. So you know, remember to live and to live is to smell!

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