Tips for choosing the plastic surgeon

Plastic surgery is a surgical procedure like any other and need special care is therefore necessary to choose with care not only the private hospital where procedure will be performed, but also the plastic surgeon who will do the procedure.

plastic surgeon

Some tips can help you in these difficult times; increasing the chances of success of surgery and leave the patient more relaxed compared to the result of the operation:

  • Ask for references: Search hear from people who have already performed surgery from the doctor. Ask them if he was attentive, if answered all your questions and it showed, even after surgery, if required tests and correctly followed the result, among other things.
  • Ask for referrals to a doctor, a good option is to appoint a friend or family doctor.
  • Call for an appointment: Call for an appointment for evaluation and make sure that the doctor is attentive and if he really understands the expectation. The doctor must convey confidence and make it clear what the outcome of the procedure.
  • Check the clinic: It is useless to choose an excellent doctor, but responding to a clinic that does not have the structure. A cynical plastic surgery ICU should have all the necessary equipment, and all other requirements for a successful surgery.
  • Medical assistants: if surgery need an anesthesiologist, also learn about the anesthetist and look ahead to speak to the type of anesthesia applied. Some people have more severe reactions to certain substances or procedures, and the doctor should assess these risks.
  • Check work history: See the story of the doctor, the number of surgeries performed, who performs more procedures, whether medical errors committed in any proceedings, among other information.

Characteristics of a good plastic surgeon
If the interrogation of the patient in doubts whether or not to perform the procedure with the doctor a good advice is to assess following criteria:

  • The doctor asked about the expectations for the procedure and raised the necessary objections (age, alternative treatments, among others).
  • Recommended a less invasive procedure, if necessary.
  • Replied to the questions in a satisfactory manner and that the patient can understand.
  • Response on the complexity of the procedure, pre and post-operative care, restrictions, anesthesia, hospitalization and recovery period, among others.
  • Talked about the risks associated with surgery and how to minimize them.
  • Asked preoperative tests to learn the patient’s condition and collect information on clinical, blood and cardiovascular conditions of the person as well as other relevant information.

Choosing a plastic surgeon as like best plastic surgeons in Virginia carefully is extremely important that the surgery is successful and without trauma, so it is ideal for research until the patient feels safe to perform the procedure.