The where, when, why and who of fatherhood

When the time comes around for you to start your journey as a father, there are several considerations for you and your spouse to keep in mind for the road ahead. As the man in the relationship and the journey, there many things you will need to think about – above, beyond and alongside all the other matters you’ll need to go through, together, as a couple. Help isn’t always immediately at hand, but when it is, should be grabbed and run with – with obvious discernment and time taken to pick through the negatives and the positives in play.



If you are living in Australia, an obstetrician in Melbourne will need to be contacted soon enough, for when the birth finally comes about – and you have to be ready for all the trials, tribulations, joys and other smiles that come with this beautiful way of life. The key is to find one that is close to your place of work or the area within where you live. This kind of convenience is of the utmost importance, as time can be of the essence when push really comes to shove amid a really challenging journey through the suburbs and neighbouring regions for you and your spouse.


There is no time like the present, as the old adage says, to get going on the issue at hand. Delaying can be detrimental and when there is something relatively straightforward to tick off your to-do list, then get it done – sooner rather than later. A couple of telephone calls and Internet searches, alongside recommendations from word of mouth and other means, will set you right on your way – and the process will seem a hang of a lot easier than you might have initially thought it was going to be. Trust the professionals – and you will come to trust yourself as well.


Well, because it’s the right thing to do. There is no two ways about this. Going it alone, independently and perhaps without the help and advice of professionals could end up being bad experience for all concerned – and others. The last thing that should happen in a time of such challenge and adventure is catching yourself without enough resources and influence to help through the difficulties, if any, and many, many questions that will crop up. The depth of the resources doesn’t have to be massive, but there should be enough at hand for when the need arises.


Again, to reiterate, it’s best to ask around. There are others out there who would have been there, done that – and got the t-shirt, so to speak. Those are the guys and gals that need to questioned and asked for great detail. They’ve had the experience and they will be the ones who you can really resonate with and relate to. There is great comfort in that sort of approach, which digging into the knowledge of books and other research material might not afford you. In the end, that’s going to be best for you and the new one on the way.