The Most Effective Types of Supplements to Start Building Muscle Mass

Specialised supplements for gym goers comes in many forms and are meant to help build muscle mass in a natural way – by providing the body with the necessary nutrition, in order to protect the existing muscle cells and boost the volume, thus increasing the lean mass. These are meant to cover your nutrition and energy needs when training hard day after day.

types of supplements

Gaining weight and strength
The most usual form of supplementing for extra weight and strength is through protein powders. Within this range you will find real diversity, whether it’s about the protein source, the quality and purity, the blend of ingredients or the flavoring. Protein bars or drinks are good alternatives, but the powder stays on top, since it can be so easily combined with a wide range of liquids. The best options are made of whey concentrate.

Hardcore bodybuilders and BCAA
If you ask hard training bodybuilders, they will always tell you about how much they need the BCAAs. These are branched chains amino acids, building blocks of protein. This is at the core of building lean muscle. When it comes to BCAA supplements, there are many brands to choose from. It is not just the name that makes the difference, but the actual formulation.

Some products contain more types of BCAAs and this makes them more effective. Others are enhanced with various ingredients which boost the absorption power. It’s best to obtain a supplement that guarantees a pure pharmaceutical grade. As for the rest of what’s in it, one may choose based on what their needs and goals are (bodybuilding, weight loss, superior nutrition etc.).

The role of creatine in bodybuilding
Creatine is yet another must-have. So much has been said about it and numerous tests were carried out – enough to prove its surefire benefits. The most easily absorbed and used by the body is the creatine monohydrate, which boosts both power and speed during exercise.

The supplement market reveals many formulations engineered by food technologists who combine nutrition knowledge with the latest technologies to extract and combine the best ingredients, also ensuring great purity. Creatine improves the strength and size of the muscle, it shortens the recovery times and, overall, makes your whole body more apt for effort. It might even do wonders to your motivation levels. If you are planning to buy this, opt for the newest formulations, as these tend to be the most advanced.

Glutamine in bodybuilders’ diet
Glutamine is yet another routine supplement for bodybuilders and athletes. Its most popular form is L-Glutamine. This prevents muscle breakdown consequent to intense training. Also, it provides the nutrients that speed up the recovery process, so you’ll be ready for more intense exercise sooner. In addition, the cell volume is boosted and the protein metabolism improved, while the body becomes more able to burn its fat effectively.

You may already impressed by how much it does to your muscles, but there is more. Glutamine enhances the way the intestines work, improving the digestion. Furthermore, it has a role in your immune system functioning. Thus, glutamine is a supplement that athletes take for maintenance, too.

Usually, such mass boosting supplements can be taken together. However, the timing indicated by the manufacturer must be respected (with meals, before or post-workout). Also, it is imperative to consult with an expert physician to find out if these products are suitable and will not interfere negatively – in case there are certain exciting conditions.