Enlarged spleen: Symptoms, causes and treatment

enlarged spleen

Unlike other organs of our body that we tend to be more present, such as in the case of liver or kidney, the spleen is likely to become one of the most “forgotten”.

In fact, we do not usually remember it’s until there is any condition or health disorder that affects it. But although in general it usually does not cause problems, if we take into account what diseases or problems can influence its state.

Moreover, one of the most common and usual is the enlarged spleen, which is medically known by the name of splenomegaly.

enlarged spleen

The spleen is an organ which is part of our lymphatic system. It is having an approximate size similar to the fist of one hand, and found on the left side, just below the ribs and above the stomach.

Among the main functions of the spleen we can mention its high content of white blood cells that fight against germs.

In fact, as we indicated above, is part of the lymphatic system, as surely you know combat infections, while maintaining the balance of fluids in our body.

In addition, it destroyed those damaged or aged cells; it helps control the amount of blood in our body and keeps both red blood cells and the healthy platelets.

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