Constant hiccups: What is that?

constant hiccups

Hiccups, as sudden and involuntary as uncomfortable, can be more than a temporary discomfort. And the constant hiccups, although it adjectival as unimportant symptom that usually lasts little, can also be persistent and sign that something is wrong in our body.

Why constant hiccup occurs? When should consult the doctor? These are some of the questions that are best answer for how to act in an episode of hiccups.

constant hiccups

Constant hiccups, as is the case with other disorders such as night cramps, slight dizziness or a tremor of eyelids, symptoms generally considered unimportant, because the truth is not usually be serious, but sometimes should be consulted.

And one of these occasions is when the hiccups appear consistent or persistent. Before proceeding, it should answer a question.

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