Involuntary abortion: What you should not say to a woman who had an abortion

involuntary abortion

A miscarriage is a little difficult to overcome for him and for her. How should others act? What to say and what not? How to behave? First of all, you should know that it takes time to get the idea, so you must give the couple all the space that they need. Here are the phrases you should never say to a woman who had an abortion.

involuntary abortion

What you should not tell someone who has had a miscarriage

At least it has happened in the first stage of pregnancy. It is true that it is less painful than if it occurs when the pregnancy is already advanced. However, avoid saying phrases such as that may harm the woman; that is to say with the intention to encourage the couple, but will only have the feeling that their loss is not so important. We repeat, things take time and everyone needs their space to assimilate what happened.

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