What are the preventable causes of colon cancer?

causes of colon cancer

It is estimated that each year in the US about 140,000 new cases are diagnosed of colorectal cancer, among which is the colon cancer and rectal cancer.

Colon cancer is a disease that usually appears on a polyp in the mucosa of the colon, which from different causes evolves into a malignant tumor. Usually the malignant cells are located in the longest part of the large intestine, as well as in the intermediate portion.

causes of colon cancer

As surely you know, the colon is the place where stool is stored before being expelled to the outside through the anus. That is, it accumulates waste substances, so it becomes a place certainly conducive to the appearance of a malignant tumor.

It is a type of cancer that usually appears from the age of 40. That is why more and more experts are asking for early detection tests to be carried out at younger ages, rather than from the age of 50-55.

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