Royal Jelly: The Queens food

Nature is wise is something that there is no doubt that we should be smarter and copy their actions. And clear examples of this are the bees, which used the secretion of the worker bees to feed their queen, which, thanks to this food living more years and acquired a larger size, and since the larvae during their first days of life. It is what is commonly known as Royal Jelly.

Royal jelly

It is food that has many nutrients that provide energy quickly and helps strengthen the immune system. It is highly recommended to take a supply of royal jelly in those times that we feel more tired, low defenses or periods that we have to increase our physical or mental activity. It is ideal for our children to face the final stretch of the school when they face the exams.

Royal jelly can be found in pharmacies, drugstores and health food stores and comes in various flavors and formats: capsules, ampoules, syrup, powder. The offer is wide and very affordable price. The only drawback is that it can awaken our appetite, so you have to be careful to catch a kilo more.