Reiki for stress

Alternative therapies have become an excellent choice to improve our health and treat chronic diseases. And when it comes to energy, Reiki is a pioneer. Today, we tell you what this technique!


This practice, from Japan, has become an ideal choice for many patients seeking complementary treatment for their ills. It consists of healing through the energy generated by the imposition of hands on a point of pain.

Superficially it might seem a curious alternative, Reiki is based on the universal energy that handles our body, appealing to that when it is channeled looking for this healing is achieved. Even ourselves, when we feel painful, we have the tendency of placing hands at the point of pain, looking for that heat and contact generate us a relief.

Reiki is an ideal alternative for those with problems of stress, nervousness and tension, it causes a significant relaxing effect, but also helps to balance the emotions, so it is also recommended for people suffering from depression. According to its proponents also helps improve and strengthen our defenses, favoring viral disease prevention and combating various diseases.

It is important that whenever we go to an alternative therapy we do from the hand of a certified professional for best results. Although Reiki is not a substitute for conventional medical therapy, it is an excellent alternative for those who want to try the healing energy from human contact. Do you dare to try?

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