Reasons Why Your Cold Wouldn’t Go Away

When you need to finish a lot of tasks, it’s annoying when you end up catching a cold. You keep sneezing, and your sense of smell gets blocked. When you get colds, the illness will last for up to seven days. In some instances, though, it could take up to two weeks or longer. These are the reasons why the illness wouldn’t go away even if you’re already taking medicines.

catching cold

You’re not getting rest

It helps if you take a rest as soon as you feel unwell. You have to take it easy, especially in the first three days. If you force yourself to keep working hard as if you’re okay, it could prolong the illness. You would rather stop working for a while until you get better than to be absent for longer due to the cold that won’t go away. If possible, you need to sleep for at least seven hours. Even when you start to feel better, you should continue getting enough sleep to prevent the illness from coming back.

You’re not getting enough fluids

Hydration is necessary, especially when you’re ill. When you have colds, you could also end up having a sore throat. It makes the swallowing of food challenging. Therefore, staying hydrated is helpful. Another reason is that when you also have a fever, it takes out moisture in your body. Getting dehydrated can be deadly. Make sure you replenish your body with enough water, soup, or fruit juice. Stay away from coffee and alcoholic beverages for a while.

You self-medicate

You wonder why you remain ill even if you keep taking medicines. The problem is that you self-medicate. You think that the internet has sufficient information to help you recover from the illness. The only way to get the right medicine is by consulting with a doctor. It would help if you had the correct prescription so your body can heal. If you can’t go to a pharmacy, it’s not a problem. You can buy antibiotics online, or other medicines you need to recover. The process is too simple and stress-free. After receiving your medications, you need to keep taking them until you fully recover.

You stress out

Stress can take a toll on your physical health. It’s even worse when you’re already trying to fight off a virus. Stressing out makes it more difficult for your body to respond to cortisol. It’s a hormone that controls the body’s response to viruses causing the common cold. Try to relax and let go of the things that bother you. Even the illness that you’re battling against shouldn’t stress you. Eventually, you will recover and start to feel better.

You need to be sensitive to the needs of your body. As soon as you start to feel ill, you have to relax. Take sufficient rest and maintain a healthy diet. If you’re getting worse despite all the remedies, you have to consult with your doctor. Explain your symptoms and undergo some tests if necessary.