Questions and answers about menarche

I have to give a clear and accurate information is essential in the education of the human being. I know that many teachers are not, but as parents we must be alert and inform our children about their development.


I asked many girls, big misinformation that exists in many homes. Dear parents, we are not in the sixteenth century, currently there is sin or taboo to talk about human anatomy, menstruation or sexual intercourse. Do not be afraid, and to inform their children, I can only say that misinformation does not bring anything good.

So then bring you a series of questions and answers, aimed at girls, which help clear many doubts:

What is the menstrual cycle?

The period or menstruation, is the woman’s monthly bleeding. And the menstrual cycle is the time between one period to another. This normally is 28 days; but at the beginning of the development or menarche, these cycles can last between 21 to 45 days. Over the years, this time is shortened and the duration will be between 21-34 days.

How long lasts the menstruation?

As you can see, we are all different and this is applied to the menstruation. Some girls have them only three days (pretty lucky) and others up to 7 days.

How often should I change my pad?

Sanitary pads help absorb the flow on the outside of your body and are used in the underwear. Never wait for this full-blooded and change depends on the amount of flow you have that day. The heavier flow days, which are usually the first few days, be changed more often, while days with regular flow, will be about every 4 hours.

Why do I feel sore?

Probably feel pain in the breast, back and legs, before and during menstruation. This is simply a response to the hormonal changes that occur in your body. For pain, you can take an analgesic such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Check with your parents first.

Why do I get pimples?

Here is another hormonal response in your body. The important thing here is that you keep your face clean well, do not pinch or touch the grains, so you do not marques your face. As these grains are a hormonal problem, do not worry that it will disappear.

When should I go to the doctor? It is very important that you go to the doctor if:

    • You are 15 years old and has not reached the menstruation.
    • It has not reached the menstruation after 3 years that began the growth of your breasts, or if your breasts have not begun to grow at the age of 13.
    • You spend more than three months without menstruation come.
    • Your period lasts longer than 7 days.
    • Your menstrual cycles were regular then became irregular.
    • Your bleeding is stronger than normal and you should change your sanitary pads often, ie two pads soak in one or two hours.
    • You bleed between periods, i.e. when you don’t have the menstruation.
    • You have very severe stomach ache during menstruation.

Finally I have to say that menstruation should not become a disease that must stay locked up … On the contrary, you can go out, exercise, have fun and enjoy life.

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