Pain in the upper part: Causes and Treatment

The pain is concentrated in the top of the back is between the cervical and lumbar. Ailments affect to the so-called back or thoracic vertebrae that reside in the central part of the spinal column. At a general level, the back pain appears when one of the ligaments or muscles that are attached to the vertebrae is injured either by poor posture, excessive use of the area, a bad movement, a fall or an accident. It is an area that tends to accumulate complaints by an overly sedentary life style and, even, on the contrary, i.e. when loading or throwing objects.

pain in upper back

Symptoms of pain in the upper back

A very common form of pain in the upper back area is due to suffering from scoliosis. This condition produces a distortion in the spine during the growth that occurs in adolescence. Therefore, you can take an imbalance between the muscles that make up this area and, ultimately, generate pain frequently.

The symptoms among those who suffer pain in the dorsal area are very similar to each other. We may find ourselves with muscle spasms, pain when breathing deeply, pain when moving or when someone touches us back and even moving the shoulders or bending the neck forward.

It is common when you are suffering from a condition of this type go to a physical therapist who can relieve our discomfort through a massage is not a bad option, but it is wiser to visit family doctor to assess pain and determine whether to testing in the area to dismiss possible injuries that could worsen in the future.

Causes and treatment of pain in the thoracic region

The most common causes that originate a back pain (or pain in the thoracic region of the back) are infections, herniated disc and vertebral collapse. Infections due to the spread of AIDS or the tuberculosis virus tend to be great creators of pain in the upper back area. To diagnose such cases it is necessary to carry out blood tests and x-rays.

The herniated disc in the back area is very rare, around 0.5% of diagnosed cases. Appear, would be necessary a surgical process to tackle and cure since it can generate severe pain. For its part, the vertebral compression has their boot processes that can be benign or malignant that makes it more brittle the thoracic vertebrae. Osteoporosis, alcoholism, the continuous intake of cortisone or diabetes can be cause of this kind of crushing.

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