Itchy breasts: What are the causes and solutions

Have you ever felt an itch in the breast? What are the causes of itching in the breast? And the best solution? At the beginning, it can be a common skin symptom or reaction, since this area is much more sensitive to the rest of the body. The itching of the nipple and the desire to scratch can often be difficult to control, so we are faced with a problem that can be annoying, not just dangerous.

It is not, incidentally, a problem exclusive to women, although it is more common among us since men can also feel itchy chest. However, itching in the breast is a symptom to pay attention to. Let’s see why.

itchy breast

Itchy breasts: Symptoms and causes

Itchy breast is a symptom that can appear at any time because of the sensitivity of this area. Why is this itching? The causes can be multiple, and although it tends to be benign, itching is a symptom to which we have to pay some attention.

Possible cases of cancer

The itching of the breasts may be the warning sign of some types of cancer, namely, inflammatory breast cancer and Paget’s disease. In any case, before the itching sensation causes anxiety to think about what can cause it, it is best to consult the doctor and rule out possible causes, as well as the frequency self-examination.

Hormonal itching of the breast

Both the breast and the skin are subject to hormonal changes. The nipples as the halo are nerve fibers, sensitive to cold, heat or touch, and hormonal changes. We speak, for example, of menstruation or the premenstrual period or pregnancy, particular moments for female hormonal health. In particular, during pregnancy, the itchy breast is accompanied by that of the belly. During adolescence, itching is a symptom of the growing organism. In this case, everything is normal.

Itchy skin of the breast

The dry skin, wearing clothing with synthetic or irritating to the skin fibers, allergies, hives or eczema, certain soaps or cosmetics among dermatological causes itching breast. Also, it is a fungal infection, although it is usually the least frequent.

Sinus itching: Other causes

If the itching occurs only in one part or in one of the two breasts, in most cases the cause lies in the mammary gland itself or in the connected tissues. Also pay attention to added symptoms such as chest pain, tumors or nodules, changes in the shape of the breast or discharge of fluid from the nipple. Depending on the cause we may be mastitis, fibroadenomas or benign cysts or breast tumor.

Remedies for itchy breast

Logically the solution to itchy breast will depend on the cause that produces it. If it is a simple problem of dry skin the remedy is a good moisturizing cream. For the itching of hives requires a pharmacological treatment to counteract it. It is important to always consult the doctor or specialist to know exactly what the cause and to be able to solve the annoying problem.