In form in the office: Exercises to avoid headaches!

If you work as administrative, receptionist or will care to the public spend many hours sitting in the same position. You don’t discover anything new if we tell you that you must perform breaks and alter your position to prevent contractures and poor circulation. But yes we are going to tell you a few small tips and a few simple exercises that are highly recommended to avoid headaches.

office exercise

Choose a chair that is not overly comfortable, because the only thing you will get is go shrugging and avoid getting up to stretch. Keep the back rested always on the support and adjusts the height so that your feet rest completely on the floor or on a footrest.

Put squatting and very slowly bring the head over up to the knees, without forcing, up to where you could. Sitting in the chair with legs slightly apart, cross your arms and slowly bend your body towards the ground. Put your hands on your shoulders and flexed arms until elbows together, starts to do it slowly, and continues with a little faster. Situate yourself standing straight and turns head from one side to another, with very careful.

If you repeat these simple exercises every day and rest each 10 minutes every two hours, your body will be perfect.

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