Hypertension: 6 Foods to Avoid

Some foods influence hypertension and, therefore, health. Monitoring what we eat is a key premise for controlling blood pressure levels. We discover what foods we should avoid on a priority basis.

If you have high blood pressure you are putting your heart and cerebrovascular health at risk. What to do? First, check the diet and avoid salty foods as a priority, since salt is the main enemy.

Why salt bad for blood pressure?
Several studies have found the relationship between salt consumption and the appearance of hypertension. Excess sodium in the diet increases fluid retention, which is an extra effort for the blood vessels and heart. The World Health Organization recommends not exceeding 5 grams of salt or 2 grams of sodium a day, the equivalent of one teaspoon of coffee.

foods influence hypertension

Foods those are harmful to high blood pressure

The American Heart Association, considering the relationship between diet and arterial hypertension, states that 6 foods to avoid.

Some types of bread can contain more than 230 milligrams of sodium in a single slice, an amount that represents 15% of the total that should be taken throughout the day. Obviously it is not a question of banning the consumption of bread within the diet, but rather choosing to consume bread without salt.

Meat products
In particular meat products containing sodium. In this type of meats, both cooked and raw, you can not do without salt as it is used to extend the life of products and compliance with health regulations during their production.

White meat
As for white meat you have to keep in mind that it has less fat. However, remember that pre-packaged white meat may have more sodium (up to 1,000 milligrams per serving). Undoubtedly, you have to pay attention to the label of this type of products.

We usually season the chicken with herbs and salt for preparation.

In this case, it is as simple as do without salt as a seasoning, adding only the herbs to give a more intense flavor. If you prepare a sauce, avoid adding salt.

Canned soups
We are not talking about homemade soups and stews, but mainly of the products we buy semi-prepared, and that these can contain too much salt. It is best to prepare these dishes always at home, with homemade recipes and controlling the salt that we add.

Finally, there’s the pizza. In this case, the problem lies in condiments and in the dough itself, since it can contain a very high amount of sodium (more than 700 milligrams).

Tips to prevent hypertension
Following a low salt diet is often enough to regulate the tension. For this, it is important to select good food from the shopping cart. Generally, at the supermarket we do not usually pay attention to the labels and we do the choice more for tastes and preferences. However, we should spend more time reading the labels to control the sodium content.

Another tip at the time of purchase is to opt better for frozen foods than for canned ones. as these contain more amounts of salt. In the case of canned vegetables it is best to remove the liquid. Also pay attention to the sauces.

If we are going to eat out of the house, beware of salt, since the meals of restaurants tend to be salty. When making your choice, specify that you want the menu with little salt.