How To Stay Feeling Beautiful This Summer

Summer is the time that most of us look forward to all year. However, it can be hard to look and feel good when the temperatures are soaring and you’re sweating every day. Here’s how to make sure you stay feeling beautiful all summer long.

feeling beautiful this summer

Get Beach Ready

If you know you’re going to be heading on holiday this summer, make sure you take the time to get beach ready. This doesn’t have to be about undertaking an intense workout routine, taking some simple steps, such as applying fake tan and having hair removal treatment, can make you feel more confident. Laser hair removal treatment in London is a quick and easy way to get smooth skin and reduce hair regrowth.

Keep Hydrated

The easiest way to keep yourself feeling beautiful as the weather gets warmer is to make sure you drink enough. Dehydrated skin looks dull and lifeless and it is likely your lips will be trapped and dry too. Try to drink the recommended eight glasses a day, you should be able to notice a difference after just a few days. If you are someone who suffers with breakouts or acne, drinking more water can improve the condition of your skin. Of course, it is not an overnight cure but you should notice some improvements.

Stay Cool

No one feels attractive when they are hot and sweaty. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to avoid this when you are working and leading a busy life. Try to keep yourself as cool as possible, dress in light fabrics and use a hydrating mist on your face to cool you down. Stay in the shade whenever possible and, if you’re on holiday, then take advantage of the close proximity of the pool to cool off!

Avoid Getting Burnt

No one looks good with bright red skin and let’s not forget the health risks of going out without appropriate sun protection on. Make sure you use sun cream every day, even when it is cloudy because harmful UV rays can still damage your skin and burn you when it is not sunny. The SPF you need to use will vary depending on the temperatures and length of time you will outside. It is a good idea to find a hat that suits you to keep you looking good and keep your delicate facial skin in protected from the sun. If you want to wear make up in the summer, make sure you use a moisturiser with SPF in before you apply it.

Eat Fresh Food

In the summer, most of us crave fresh food because we are losing water from our bodies all day every day in the form of sweat. Take advantage of these cravings and make plenty of healthy salads and fresh fruit platters to enjoy. Remember that what you put in your body will impact how you feel on the outside. Eating well will keep you glowing and help to make you feel more energized.