Homogenizer for your future research and analysis

In molecular biology, homogenization is a process of bringing the sample you took in equal fractions of composition. Now, you come to know about the biology department in which you will be seeing so many samples and those samples are taken from many living things like rabbit, rat, etc. You would wonder how those samples are produced, and you would wonder how it came into the small glass bottle, and how they are fresh without getting spoiled. The reason for this while doing your analysis you might be in situation to remove any of the part, if the sample is not homogenized properly, if you remove any part from the sample it can alter the whole part, whereas the sample that is homogenized in right way will not alter any of the other part or any of the molecules, if one part is removed.


You could see other process that is been simultaneously done with homogenization which is named as lysis, while autolysis is prevented by maintaining the temperature above zero in the place where tissue is kept. There is some solution that prevent them from getting spoiled, and to prepare that sample you need a living thing and a tissue homogenizer which help you prepare the sample efficiently as you expected.

The is extracting the right part from the example we took and it can be used for various research purposes. Extraction of proteins, small molecules, DNA, etc. and those stored samples are homogenized in a regular periods for increasing the betterment in research and analysis of the tissue for more purposes. No doubt that such kind of purposes will include for medical research, biological analysis, etc. In this biology world, most of the powerful tissue homogenization are being designed to handle a high range of samples that are making them ideal.

Pick the best homogenizer

Precellys is one of the best manufacturer who are par excellent in designing homogenizer, and these homogenizer are structured in such a way to move in a three dimensional, multidirectional motion, so as to homogenize, lyse, or grind the tissue. It takes just thirty to sixty seconds to do all these activities, and this homogenizer includes thirty five distinct and different lysing kits which constitute 0.5, 2 or 7 or 15 ml tubes. These tubes are filled with various lysing matrix beads that are chosen specifically to suit various types of biological samples and tissues.

You need not worry about how hard or soft the maple tissue is this will definitely help you have the result you desire without any additional complications. This is designed to be semi-automatic whereas very small manual intervention is required to complete the homogenization process. For e.g. one of the bead may be ceramic bead which is specifically for animal or plant tissue, and glass beads for doing analysis of microorganisms. The metal beads are such good for grinding the very hard materials in any sample such as bones, teeth and hair. With this homogenizer you definitely have the right sample preserved for the future analysis.