Do You Know The Benefits Of Black Salt?

Salt is a substance that human civilization has developed not only for its taste, but also for its health benefits and its ability to conserve food.

black salt

The black salt of India, also known as “Kala Namak”, is a very popular variety of volcanic salts. In India, Pakistan, and many other countries, this product has begun to gain popularity among those who know its benefits. Its unusual color is due to the presence of small amounts of iron and other minerals.

This salt, which is found in the Himalayan mountain chain, has excellent health benefits that you should know about. In India, this product is prescribed to patients with hypertension since this salt is low in sodium and does not raise blood pressure like conventional salts. In addition, it is an effective treatment for heartburn and other digestive problems.

The health benefits of black salt

There are so many benefits of black salt. Here we describe some of them:

1. A healthy alternative to sea salt

Salt is a very common product in the lives of almost all people. However, these products are usually iodized salt or sea salt which, if consumed in excess, can cause various health complications such as paralysis, thyroid problems and hypertension, to name a few.

The two most dangerous chemicals in this product are potassium iodide and aluminum silicate, two of the reasons why salt was banned in some countries around the world. However, black salt is an excellent alternative to iodized salt, and also has these excellent benefits:

  • Treats arthritis problems.
  • Treats problems of paralysis.
  • Reduce hypertension.
  • Helps solve impotence problems.

2. Therapeutic benefits

According to ancient tradition, black salt has incredible therapeutic benefits to offer. It can be used as a natural laxative or as a remedy to treat intestinal problems. In addition, it has benefits for the eyes and, unlike the common salts, does not increase the intake of sodium. However, its high sulfur content can also weaken the digestive process, so it is recommended to use it moderately.

3. Soft and radiant skin

Another uses of black salt is applied to skin care. Instead of using expensive cosmetic products, try to incorporate a handful of black salt into the bath water. This product works as an excellent healing agent for cracked and swollen feet, athlete’s foot, warts and sprains. Use it to make hot water baths on the part of the body that you want to treat.

Note: If your skin is sensitive and easily irritated, we recommend using warm water to avoid redness and itching.

4. Strengthens hair

If you are one of the people who suffer from hair loss, you probably have a feeling of frustration after having tested toner and products without results. Black salt contains essential minerals that stimulate hair growth, repairing and strengthening it at the root. We recommend taking a small glass of tomato juice with black salt once a day, so that your hair looks strong and radiant.

Although not a common product and easy to find, you can try to get it in the stores of natural products and herbal medicines. All people who have the possibility to purchase this product cannot fail to try it!