Atopic dermatitis in children

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic disease that occurs in young children, from birth until they reach the first months of life. This is produced by a dryness in the skin resulting in it is that outbreaks of eczemas, producing inflammation, doing so the baby feel itchy and have risk of infection. The baby does not understand, want to scratch, thus making worse.

atopic dermatitis

To prevent this type of disease to appear in our babies, we should seek to have a charge on it hygiene. Wash skin but not abruptly, as in the first months of life is still weak. Ensure that have well hydrated, that does not mean spend all day in the shower, but pass some wipes or so he feel refreshed. Note that prolonged bath more than five minutes might not have good consequences.

If going to wash, try to do it with our hands, they are clean and free, and not using mitts or anything. Do it very gently. If you still feel that our baby is still dry, you can find some kind of cream that helps him to hydrate, but in this case always consult before a pediatrician who will advise you.

If he already suffers from this disease, you will need to be careful that it does not scratch, and we know that this is rather complicated, because the baby will feel the need to do so despite having a person who is afraid and angry if you do. In this case what we can say is be patient, and while he is placing the proper treatment, try a game with him that is relevant to get something to help to stop the itch rather than scratching.