Allergy skin: Causes and symptoms of intolerance to cosmetics

It should be noted that, cosmetics are a completely safe product; they are also a combination of chemicals, so it is not disposable, that they may be the cause of irritation or allergic skin reactions.

Allergies to food, allergies to the medicines: and the cosmetics? Yes, they may also be behind an allergy. Not always the answer to allergic reactions to cosmetics is in the product itself, but in the use we give, as cosmetics, for example, expires.

Another common mistake, also apply the cream before have been washing properly hands or use a product or cream to another area of the body to the recommended. There are some of the most common mistakes when using cosmetics, which also must maintain at suitable locations, avoiding letting them properly open or very high temperatures or exposure to direct sunlight.

allergy skin

The skin irritations that are usually caused by using a cosmetic that is not suitable for our skin type. They are the most common alterations, although it can also give allergy that would be when our body responds to an allergen molecule.

Irritation is located in the area of the body on which it was directly applied cosmetic, manifesting in the first applications with redness. Meanwhile, allergic dermatitis can be extended to other areas of the body. The irritation heals quickly and in most cases simply applies some sort of moisturizer.

Very different is the treatment when it comes to an allergic reaction to cosmetics or any of its components. In these cases, the symptoms are more frequent flushing of the skin, onset of edema or cracks.

While in the case of irritation, well used, we can continue using cosmetic once this is gone, when a reaction occurs should be used or applied to the skin, once we have identified the substance that produces allergy.

Cosmetic Allergies: Common Substances

Cosmetic products, as explained by dermatology specialists, may contain more than twenty different substances. Any of them may be responsible for an intolerance or allergy, but the most common are fragrances and preservatives. These are essential for cosmetics to keep their properties for longer. Of course, the amounts that are included are very low. For its part, the fragrances are used to provide the cosmetic appeal of a smell.

Cosmetics should not only meet strict monitoring, but there is increasing amounts demean those components that can cause reactions or irritations. In addition, each is a growing number and ranges of products adapted to every type of skin.