6 Skincare Tips To Keep You Looking Younger For Longer

Maintaining healthy, glowing skin as you age doesn’t have to be an impossible feat. There are plenty of natural and cosmetic ways to tweak your skincare routine and boost your beauty without breaking the bank. Whether you’re simply adjusting your diet to feed your skin the nutrients it needs or heading to the salon for specialist treatments, stay on top of the latest beauty tips so you can look young for years to come.

looking younger

Get help from the experts. If you’re not interested in making major changes to your lifestyle in order to protect your skin from the aging process, there are straightforward procedures that can be done on your lunch break for an instant improvement in your skin’s appearance. For example, Dermal Fillers are quick and easy under the care of a licensed professional, and will instantly plump out aging skin.

Choose skin-friendly foods. Certain vitamins and nutrients are great for your skin and overall beauty. Omega-3 fatty acids are always a great choice – they’ll help maintain your skin’s healing processes and are easily found in salmon and other nutritious fish. Foods containing antioxidants like sweet potatoes, cooked tomatoes and blueberries are also good options, as they’ll preserve your skin cells and protect you from free radical damage.

Drink plenty of water. If you only want to change one thing to maintain your youthful looks for years to come, make it your drinking habits. Water hydrates your entire body, including your skin, and it’s crucial for your overall health and your appearance. Drinking the recommended amount of water each day will ensure that your skin remains plump and soft as you age, and will allow it to rebound more easily when the skin is stretched.

Get your glow on. Glowing, tanned skin tends to look healthier and younger than a pasty and washed out complexion. That doesn’t give you license to lie out on the sun lounger, though. Excessive sun exposure can lead directly to skin cancer, but there are plenty of other ways to maintain a youthful glow. Use sunless self-tanning lotion year round to stay bronze, and exfoliate regularly to clear away any dead, dry skin. Don’t forget to pile on plenty of high-SPF sunscreen whenever you leave the house to protect your skin from harmful sun damage.

Choose wrinkle-fighting skin creams. While normal moisturisers are great for keeping your skin hydrated and healthy, they probably won’t make a major difference if you’re hoping to fight wrinkles with your daily skin cream. Pull out the big guns when it comes to tackling the signs of aging. Moisturisers containing hyaluronic acid, niacinamide or retinol are tried and tested first-line options.

Improve your lifestyle. Prevention is always better than cure, and a health-conscious lifestyle can do wonders for your skin, even as you age. Aim to get enough sleep every night to allow your skin to renew effectively overnight, and opt for smooth sheet fabrics to prevent wrinkles. Quit smoking if you haven’t already to prevent a range of health complications, including premature aging, and maintain a nutrient-rich diet. Taking a few simple steps toward a healthier lifestyle can do wonders for your appearance, so it’s certainly worth a shot.