5 Steps to make your arms

Do you bother how you make your arm when you shake it? To forget sagging and shame every time you move your arms, here are five basic steps to move the arms and increase your strength.

make arms

To mark your arms, exercise not enough, but you should have a comprehensive care to achieve and focus on each muscle, especially in the triceps.

Alternates: Physical training program with your days off, so that the muscles have time to recover and prevent injury. Even faster will notice the effort and work you do to get it.

Use weights: Get some dumbbells, a medicine ball or a heavy object to help you duplicate the effort of each exercise.

Slow training: Practice your routine slowly and focusing on the movement without working other muscles. You can try some exercises of Pilates or yoga, to help you stretch and shape the triceps.

Goodbye fats: Eat balanced fat-free diet will allow you to improve results, even your arms will have a better shape and muscle tone. Eat fruits and frest vegetables that contain a lot of protein.

Aerobic work: These are the ideal exercises to make the arms, as you increase your body temperature and prepare the musculoskeletal system to focus the work on the triceps.

Experts say that one of the best exercises to reduce sagging and the annoying “salt” are push-ups with your hands resting on the floor, in triangle.

Do not forget that one of the keys to mark the arms and keep your body in shape is consistency, so make short term goals for your workout more effective.