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morning exercise

Exercise reduces incontinence

This is a problem that affects two hundred million people worldwide, incontinence is a disorder that today can be overcome or at least improved through exercise....

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urinary retention

Urine Retention

Many questions revolve around what happens if our urine expelled at the right time. Can you get to really damage our organs? The answer is yes and that is why we...

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Hypertension and exercise

Hypertension and sports

In this article we will discuss a disease afflicting many people in the world and needed to treat or at least reduce it to a good diet and physical exercise. We...

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preventing influenza

Supplements to prevent influenza

Influenza is a disease that annually kills about 36,000 people being mostly children and the elderly. According to a study by Consumer Reports, 50% of people tested...

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Ayurveda, being focused on prevention

Ayurveda is a holistic system of health and focuses primarily on prevention, free of all side effects that may be negative and can treat diseases from its source. The...

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Obesity and snoring

Snoring is the direct consequence that causes the difficulty of the passage of air in the upper airways. The whole area of the throat collapses easily and when the...

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consumed coffee

Coffee and stress

Many people have the habit of drinking several cups of coffee a day, whether you do it for pleasure or habit. Through various studies we know that caffeine is a...

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Gymnastics Abdominal Hipopresiva

Gymnastics Abdominal Hipopresiva

Gymnastics Abdominal Hipopresiva is a set of postural techniques, which causes a pressure drop intra-abdominal, a synergistic activation of the muscles of the perineum...

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The virtues of the cucumber on the Mediterranean diet

The cucumber is the quintessential food of any self-respecting regime. However, many people who complain of being a product indigestible. Despite this small drawback,...

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eating disorder

Responses of homeopathy to anorexia and bulimia

Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are a real problem not only have the youngest, too many adults today have begun to be affected by this condition. Many...

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