Why does calluses appear on the hands and feet?

Become without doubt one of the most common problems of the skin of the feet and also hands. In fact, they are one of the most common conditions, particularly in our feet. These are corns or calluses, which are basically thickened skin layers or thick layers of hardened skin whose function, believe it or not, it is to protect the area where it appears.

calluses appear on feet

We can give as an example the hands of a farmer or carpenter: in their hands calluses usually occur as a result of their work, and how our skin is to prevent the development of much more painful blisters.

These must be differentiated from the nails, which are skin lumps that have a central core (as a kind of tip that is embedded in the skin). The nails are composed of hardened keratin, so when preparing tend to be very painful. This symptom is not characteristic of callus, which to be an accumulation of dead skin does not tend to cause almost any problem.

It’s usually appeared on the top or side of the foot, but can also occur on the heels or in other areas of the foot. In these cases we must distinguish two other disorders or diseases like common: the cracked skin and known as heel spur.

For everything stated until now we can establish a clear set of symptoms: in most cases the skin is thick, very hardened, which may itself be dry and flaky time. Furthermore, depending on the severity of the callus in question it is equally possible that pain arises or that the skin bleeds.

The main causes of appear corns or calluses
We should note that corns and calluses are caused by continuous pressure or friction on the skin, so that the main cause leading to their appearance is found mainly in the use of inappropriate footwear, which causes the foot, does not have enough freedom, or causes too much pressure in certain areas, causing much friction.

For example, it is common to corn development when regularly used tight, sharp or very high shoes are used, and before the use of footwear that does not fit well to the foot. Hence it tends to appear on the top or side of the toe.

To avoid appearing or to reduce it’s enough formation on many occasions with prevent excessive friction. And this is achieved using a shoe that fits your foot well, and even protecting the skin with patches developed especially for callus.

Luckily, the calluses are by no means a condition or serious complaint and it is possible to remove the calluses naturally and easily.