Tips for taking care of the voice

The voice is the working tool of many professions such as journalists, teachers, singers, telephone operators … In fact; dysphonia or voice problems have been due to annual low of 12% of teachers, the second cause of decline in teachers after the depression and anxiety. The dysphonia is the alteration of the qualities of voice (tone, timbre, intensity), and if the voice is not heard is hoarseness.

voice care

The experts advise avoiding the noise of the environment, do not force the voice, strong cough, throat clearing or shouting, correctly use the vocal resources, drinking water frequently, sleep well, avoid psychological stress and speak little in case of laryngitis. And take Propolis as a natural remedy to protect the throat and vocal cords.

Vocal hygiene guidelines to protect your voice

  • Avoid throat clearing and cough often not to irritate the vocal cords. You can yawn to relax the throat and drink water often to cool slowly swallowing throat.
  • Avoid yelling, screaming or talking above the ambient noise. Nor whisper.
  • Breathing properly, by nose not through the mouth, keeping normal breathing.
  • Maintain correct body posture, speech symmetrical, upright and comfortable position to facilitate voice.
  • Dedicated moments of rest and relaxation in the face, neck, shoulders and larynx. Sleeping 8 hours, the night’s sleep helps vocal rest.
  • Avoid dry environments as much air conditioning or heating.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and environment. Avoid snuff that dries out the mucous membrane of the larynx and alcohol.

You should go to the specialist in case of alteration of the voice that lasts more than 10-15 days already it may be sign of pathology of the voice.