Tips for take care a patient at home

We can not always count on help from a professional to care for a patient in our home. Learn the basics to do so it will make us feel safer and yet we can contribute efficiently to that person. To do best, today we provide tips on caring for a patient at home.

take care a patient

Care of patients at home
When caring for someone at home must be taken into account:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Physical disabilities
  • Attitudes and feelings about their illness
  • Diagnosis of disease
  • Patient’s physical condition.

It is also desirable:

    • A clean, well done, of being possible mechanical bed
  • Have the specific and necessary furniture so that it should not obstruct the step
  • Ensure that the room is always neat, clean and airy
  • Helping the patient with personal hygiene, toilet and hairstyle, contributing to self-esteem is maintained in healthy balance.

Important points to take care of patients at home
One of the key issues when caring for an ailing person is to create a safe and quiet environment to promote recovery.

Hygiene is very important for both the patient and the caregiver; you must keep your hands clean at all times and wash after handling drugs or elements that are in contact with the affected.

The person who takes care of patients should be responsible for the administration of drugs, pointing hours and dosage in which must be provided

Whenever possible, the patient should be encouraged to undertake short walks during the day or exercises to avoid losing muscle tone and joint contractures.

Ensuring that the patient is comfortable at all times, to verify their status should be asked if they need cushions or more pillows, we must not forget that if the person can not stand, the skin is prone to peel, by it is essential that his posture is comfortable and help to change or turn around whenever this allowed.

Bedsores is common when a long time in bed, so it is very important to monitor the condition of your skin and use authorized creams if necessary, to prevent it from getting worse.

Caring for a patient at home is a human act and a demonstration of love for the sick person. Taking into account these basic tips will help you with the task if it is the first time that you’re in charge of a patient temporary. If patient feel bad you can contact healthcare staffing agencies for good treatment.