Things You Can Do If Baldness is Setting in

Hair loss can be a difficult time for anyone, the idea of your hair disappearing before your eyes is tough to take. You may have seen it coming for sometime, extra hair coming out in the shower or you may have seen that hairline gradually receding for some years. As the early signs of baldness start to set in, so too does panic and it is in this moment that you need to start thinking about what you are going to do about your inevitable baldness. If you are in this situation right now then here are some steps that you can take to approach your balding head.

balding head

Embrace it
An option that many take is simply to embrace it, get the hair clippers out and shave off what you have left. The biggest crime when it comes to going bald is not to accept it, there are many out there who try to cover up their bald spots by sweeping hair over the gap, this never looks very good and embracing it is a far better option. It will be difficult at first but after a few years your friends will be making comments like “I can’t remember what you looked like with hair”, that’s where you need to get to in order to feel truly comfortable.

Ward it Off
There are some fantastic options out there like hair loss shampoo that can help to keep baldness at bay for a little while longer. These products help you to maintain a healthy scalp and provide the hair follicles with plenty of much needed vitamins to boost hair growth. The trick with products such as these is to ensure that you start using them when you first see signs of hair loss, that way you will have more to work with and these products can have a maximum impact.

If you can afford it and your hair loss bothers you a great deal then you can opt to have hair transplant surgery. The transplants work by taking hair from one part of your head or body and using it to fill in the spaces where the hair is thinning or already gone. Usually a section will be taken from the back of your head where there is plenty of hair to cover the piece removed and this will be applied to the front of your head or the crown of your scalp. Other procedures involve the placement of follicles that come from other people although this is a far more expensive procedure and doesn’t have as a high success rate as using your own hair.

Whichever option you choose, it is important that you decide pretty quickly once the hair starts going, if you decide on hair surgery after you’ve already lost your hair then you should expect comments and questions from those that you know. The best practice here is to react quickly once you see the hair starting to tumble.