The hemoptitis

The hemoptitis is a disease in which the main symptom is the ejection of blood through the throat, usually when we release phlegm.

The amount of blood that is released is important to know if we have a serious situation or not, as too much blood can lead us to a lowering of blood pressure. If it’s something as large amounts need continued medical care.


Hemoptitis can be generated because of problems in the bronchi, usually in smokers. Also having a lung tumor, pneumonia, abnormal bleeding or tuberculosis can also generate.

Having this disease can make us lose weight outrageously, fever or breathing problems. These symptoms can be very important to give to the disease.

The eject blood by mouth does not mean that either by this disease, because blood expelled by the hemoptitis that comes from the lung, not elsewhere.

The largest number of people suffering from this disease usually has between 50 and 60 years, and is more common in men than women. This does not mean that the disease can not be before, given so much care and caution.

If we are not talking about a hemoptitis do not burden, treatment will quit smoking or taking some antibiotics to help improve our state.

If the hemoptitis is serious you will need to have a much stronger care. Normally it is considered to be serious when the patient does not stop extracting blood for the mouth and feeling sickness or hypotension for it.

If the suffering is better to go to the hospital and there will make certain treatments and care, depending on the severity of the disease.