Teeth Whitening: When it is contraindicated?

You have tooth decay, one of the most common dental problems; it is one of the reasons, although not the only, for those who may be contraindicated to teeth whitening, safe and effective techniques that has evolved greatly in recent years and has become an alternative to achieve and maintain a beautiful smile. Caring for our oral health is essential, so we must pay special attention.

teeth whitening

Advances in dental care allow fully trust techniques for whitening, among whose innovations is the application of chemical substances – intradental or extradental – to combat or treat discoloration of the teeth. It should be noted, as explained by specialists, the tonality of our teeth changes as we age, with a tendency to darken. This should add the harm that can result in tobacco, caffeine-containing beverages, the coloring foodstuffs or certain drugs.

But, do you can always resort to the whitening? is there any reason why it is not recommended? The truth is that yes, you have several contraindications. As well, in particular, it is not a recommended technique in cases in which suffers from an untreated decay problem, the most common dental problem. Not recommended in cases of periodontal disease or pyorrhea and those of tooth sensitivity.

Also, specialists before recommending submit a tooth whitening technique also rule out the presence of areas of the tooth unprotected, alterations in the formation of enamel tooth. In the case of women, it is recommended to wait if you are in the gestation period. It is not a cost-effective technique in the case of smoking, because by continuing to smoke, short term, bleaching of the tooth or appearance of spots will do act of presence again. In this case, the most recommended, and one more reason, is quitting. In the same way that tobacco affects the duration of bleaching, also makes it own color of tooth and the substance or used whitening gel.

Currently, the products used for teeth whitening is hydrogen peroxide, which is attributed the property of being faster, but its tone is closer to white chalk. Meanwhile, carbamide peroxide, although slower acting, specialists consider that its effect is more durable and bright. Before applying the teeth whitening, it is advisable to perform a clean mouth.

Maintain proper oral hygiene is important both before and after treatment. Nothing but carry out the whitening, our teeth will be slightly more susceptible, so it is advisable to avoid, in addition to snuff if you are a smoker, drinks (coffee, tea, red wine), too cold drinks or acid flavor (pineapple, citrus fruits), the red fruits (cherries, cranberries), colored sauces, vegetables of intense green hue (spinach) or meals with dyes (saffron).