Remove Ear Wax

A plug of wax in the ear produces hum, loss of balance and difficulty hearing. The excess wax does not let the ear balance your internal pressure which can generate a strong pain.

remove ear wax

To remove ear wax can make use of any of these home remedies or a combination of both.

Olive oil against earache for excess wax
To warm two teaspoons of olive oil to a temperature similar to the bottle of milk for a baby. Test the temperature on your wrist and if this just above body temperature to apply two or three drops in the ear canal trying to penetrate well inside and then cover lightly with a bit of cotton.

After repeating several times a day the wax will loosen and it’s time to wash the ear with warm water and a dropper. You will see how the wax will drain. More efficient than washing with warm water is with a chamomile tea at body temperature.

Massage to loosen ear wax
With a finger in front and another behind the ear to make circular movements shaking the whole ear and then be pulled straight the ear while the mouth is open to the maximum and closes.

Hot Water Bottle
Lying on your side and support the affected ear directly on a bottle filled with hot water. After a while you feel that the wax starts to slip.

Hydrogen peroxide to remove ear wax plugs
Hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water) may also help remove ear wax. This home remedy is to fill a dropper with hydrogen peroxide at 37°, lie leaving the affected ear up and see the contents of the dropper into the ear to almost fill it. Wait about 5 minutes and then leave the liquid turning to the other side. Rinse and repeat to complete the same way with 4 parts of warm water and alcohol.

Important: Never use hard objects such as cotton swabs, hairpins or finger to clean your ears because its can cause permanent damage.