Remedies to cure a stye

What is a stye
A stye is an infection of the sebaceous glands at the base of the eyelashes or eyelids that can be painful and annoying.

To cure the stye and it disappears, you can try several home remedies, and all of them are based on applying heat in the area to allow the stye to drain only.

cure stye

Remedies to cure a stye

  • A remedy to cure the stye is to take an object of copper or gold, for example an old key or a ring or alliance, and rub it on a cloth until hot (as you can stand it), and put the key or ring over the stye, you can use a compress with warm water and place it over the stye.
  • A practical solution to cure the stye, is to pour hot water into a common cup of water and place the base of the Bowl (that will be hot water), on the sty, so heat is kept longer that using a wrench or ring. Ensure that the glass does not have standing (such as glasses), so that the base is in direct contact with the hot water.
  • All these processes have to perform several times a day (at least 4), until the stye go away.
  • If you do not notice any improvements consult an ophthalmologist.

Important: Never attempt to squeeze the stye and cause this burst as the infection can spread through the eye.