Remedies for sore eyes

Who has not ever had sore eyes? Usually caused by bad reading habits, stress and eye strain, among other causes. Fortunately we have natural remedies to relieve them.

sore eye

Why irritate your eyes?
It is common to observe that our eyes become red, especially in the area adjacent to the nose, and fatigue commonly associate it. When we stress, demand or mistreat our eyes, our blood vessels dilate and become visible in the sclera, ocular membrane which normally known as “the white of the eye”.

Causes of sore eyes
This hemorrhage and dilation is a fairly common disease, which may be due to shock and trauma (such as applying too much force, sneezing violently), to the action of chemicals (such as cleaning products and their vapors, chlorine in swimming pools or other), and also suffered eye strain while reading, watching bright items (televisions, screens, direct sun) and even poor blood circulation to the head.

Home remedies for sore eyes
Although in the market you can find eye drops at a good price, home remedies are still the most popular for sore eyes. It is important to consult your doctor to make sure provide an effective solution, and not worsen the condition applying inappropriate elements.

Among the most common home remedies, homemade pads are best. Prepare a chamomile tea and dip a cotton ball. Squeeze the excess and placed directly on the eyelids to relieve congestion and inflammation of the area, relieving the eye and blood vessels. Black tea compresses are also effective, but have a load of caffeine sometimes not adequate.

The darkness and relaxation are effective techniques to relieve irritation of eyes. Lie down in a cool, quiet and dark for a while. Relax your mind and do not focus on anything in sight. If you can, take a short nap, and your eyes will return to its normal color.

Keep your damp eyes to prevent irritation. Moistened with clean water or apply drops free of chemical to keep the eyeball well hydrated, even in dry climates.

To alleviate congestion and swollen eyes, apply slices of raw potato or cucumber on the closed eyelids, and let stand for about 15 minutes. You can also wear cotton pads soaked with the liquid of a fennel, or an infusion of horsetail. Then rinse and clean with fresh water, and let your eyes rest in a dark place for about 5 minutes.