Preventing kidney stones

Today we will talk about a very common problem, it is about the renal colic, and its occur when there is a sudden and severe pain, which is due to the presence of stones in the duct leading from the kidneys to the urinary tract, which is close to the urethra. Today we give you some tips so you can prevent them, pay close attention!

prevent kidney stones

The first advice we have to give is to drink plenty of water and as well as to support a balanced diet that concentrates on vegetables, this is one of the key points when prevent kidney stones.

We should note that a small amount of water in the kidneys and urinary system increases the chance of an imbalance, which leads to excess minerals and therefore the formation of stones.

We also recommend herbal teas, which have medicinal benefits, at the same time we avoid beverages with alcohol, as these contribute to dehydration. Another tip is that you avoid highly acidic juices and caffeinated drinks.

Finally, foods rich in potassium and magnesium, such as bananas, plums, potatoes, artichokes, avocados, Greens, nuts, and legumes vegetables are important.