Improve lung capacity

If you need to improve breathing and your lung capacity, you can do some exercises.

improve breathing

By default, most people have about six liters of lung capacity. This does not mean that every time you inhale and exhale will breathe six liters, it is true, but even so, by means of breathing exercises and other specific activities is possible to achieve increased lung capacity.

Aerobic exercises to expand lung capacity
Most cardiovascular exercises that require constant breathing are good for improving lung capacity, examples are the long race walking, road cycling or swimming, among others. If any of these exercises is performed in high places, still further increases lung capacity, since less oxygen at higher altitudes, and lungs should strive more: a trip to the mountains or mountain biking at high levels will be ideal.

Although not considered an aerobic sport, if you’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument, know that the flute, trumpet, tuba, trombone, saxophone, or any wind instrument, are ideal to control breathing while expanding the lungs volume. Admit for music lessons and so kill two birds with one stone.

Breathing exercises to expand lung capacity
Another very simple exercise is of realizing series holding your breath, lying on a bed or mat. The idea is to hold the air for about 30 seconds, and then venting properly rest another 30 seconds. Without increasing the rest, in each repetition you are holding five seconds more, for example: 30 to 30, 35-30, 40-30, 45-30, etc.., So on to go without breathing a minute or minute and a half. Those with more advanced practice these frequencies can change and start from older times, or add 10/15 seconds per repetition.

You can also perform this exercise in water (under the supervision of another person), or practice the next time you go for a walk.

Habits to avoid damaging the lung capacity
In the same way that can be improved, it is also possible to damage the capacity that can accommodate the lungs, for example, smoking or being exposed for a long time to environmental pollution, such as smoke or vehicle factory.

Both high blood pressure and obesity are two factors closely related to the possibility of cardiovascular disease, and therefore many points remaining in increasing lung capacity. Watch what you eat, do sport several times a week and generally tries to lead a healthy active life to not only hold your lung volume, but avoid some of the aforementioned evils.