How to remove lenses preventing infections

Wearing contact lenses is the most comfortable and aesthetic for those who have vision problems, it is time to remove the lenses, however, which requires more attention.

remove lenses

Contact lenses have become the ideal replacement of traditional glasses. Being able to use them throughout the day and even changing if we wanted the original color of our eyes, lenses are not perceived at first glance and give us a better image. However, one must know how to properly remove the lenses not only to damage it, but to what is even more important not to hurt the eye.

Removing contact lenses with fingers
While there are some tools on the market that serve to remove the lenses without touching the eyes, do it with one’s fingers is more accurate because it has an actual dimension of the distances. If we are not careful, it is very difficult for us from hurting. However, with such instruments, which are generally as small tweezers, we get to tweak the eyeball and, clearly, cause damage to some of the more superficial layers.

Now, when you use your fingers to remove the lenses is essential, first, wash your hands well. Then, with the middle finger of the hand (right if you’re right handed, otherwise, left) and slightly down the lower eyelid. In this way, leaving more place to the other fingers to remove the lens.

Using the index finger and thumb in pincer and always supporting only the fingertips, gently tweaking the lens and by removing it from the eye. It is essential in this process, have short nails to avoid injury and infection. Although uncomfortable at first this procedure is only a matter of practice and custom, then will almost automatically.

Preserving the lenses correctly
Besides removing the lenses properly, the preservation and care of them also are fundamental factors to avoid infections. Each time remove the lenses, wash them gently.

To this end, special liquids are sold in the optics. Keep contact lenses in their case with the aforementioned conservative fluid. A very important warning is to renew this fluid, as a minimum, every two days. Thus, we ensure that the lenses are properly disinfected before putting back in the eyes, thereby preventing, possible infections or irritations.